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  • Does the custommer needs to have any kind of mecanichal knowledge to install the box?
  • No, VC Power offers an instruction manual, together with the box, and provides it also online. The guide lines are easy to follow and the manual has pictures inside for an easy perception of the components location.
  • Does the ON Power box causes any problems to the engine?
  • The increases of power and torque brought by the ON Power box are according the standards of the engine manufacturers, so are not expected any problems in the engine.
  • Will my car release any black smoke?
  • The box is extensively tested at our dyno and on the road as well and keeps the A/F within the parameters of your vehicle, so it is not expected any significant increase in the smoke releases.
  • Is the ON Power box compatible with vehicles with automatic gear box?
  • Yes, it is. The kind of gear box in a vehicle is not one of the factors to have in consideration when intalling the ON Power box.
  • Does the ammount of kilometers of the vehicle affects the compatibiliy of the ON Power box on a engine?
  • There's only one issue regarding the big amount of kilometers in a vehicle that is the wear of its parts. The box can be installed in a new vehicle or in others.
  • With the ON Power box will I reduce the fuel consumptions of my vehicle?
  • It will depend on the type of driving you adopt and the path to go. The box allows the vehicle to have more power and with that you'll reduce your gear box use. You can choose to use an up gear and use it with less engine rotations. This can reduce the fuel consumptions.
  • What does mean the box portability?
  • It means that when the user decides to use the box no more or the vehicle wich it is installed finishes its life cycle the box can be used again in other vehicle not without being updated once again.
  • Chip tuning or ON Power box: which is best?
  • It’s a personal choice. The results are similar. Its option to install or uninstall it as many times as you wish, remaining undetectable its presence makes the ON Power box a more valuable choice for cars under warranty.
  • How can I purchase the ON Power box?
  • You can purchase the box through this website. To do it, the first step is to register. After that select the product section from the top menu followed by the brand, model. Click in the Add option. After you have selected the product(s) you want, you should click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner and click on the option to buy. You can also choose to go to one of our partners, which could be geographically more convenient to you. You can check out our list of partners and consequent location at the Resellers section located on the top menu of this website.
  • How does the ON Power box works?
  • The ON Power box works as an external control unit (ECU) and allows you to achieve power and torque gains in an efficient and controlled way. It is connected through one or more sensors of the vehicle, such as Turbo Pressure Sensor, Camshaft Sensor and Rail Pressure Sensor.
  • Does the ON Power box works on gasoline cars?
  • The ON Power box works in all gasoline cars that have turbo.
  • Does the ON Power box works on Hybrid cars?
  • To the ON Power box be compatible with Hybrid cars, they must have Turbo, in case of gasoline fuel cars, or have common rail injection system, in case of diesel cars. But since the early 2000's, almost every diesel cars have common rail injection systems.
  • Does the ON Power box works on electric cars?
  • No. ON Power box is still not compatible with electric cars.
  • How to regulate the power level of my ON Power box?
  • The box has a spinning button in its side part with 9 different power levels. You should spin it to the wanted level.
  • How to install the box in another vehicle?
  • You should uninstall the box from the vehicle wich it's in unplugging the cables and send it to us so it can be reprogrammed according to the new vehicle. It will be sent again to you and the instalation process should be followed in the instalation guide.
  • What to do if the ON Power box doesn't work?
  • You should contact the support immediately wich will guide you through a process to find the problem and solve it.
  • Does the ON Power box has warranty?
  • Yes, the ON Power box has a two year warranty.
  • How to do if the box needs any software update?
  • The box should be sent to us to be updated and it will be sent to the customer again. The process to re-install it is the one described in the installation guide
  • How can I get support for any question related to my ON Power box?
  • You can contact us by phone or email. You can come to us or you can go to any of our partners, choosing the geographically most convenient to you in the Resellers section located on the top menu of this website.