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Legal Notices

Legal Notices related to the installation of ON Power box

The ON Power Box product is intended for in-car use and may only be used for legal racing / sport competitions, in closed circuits, private circuits or private areas. SWIFTEC, LDA. accepts no responsibility for any other use of the product. SWIFTEC, LDA. accepts no responsibility for any damage to persons and / or objects by products purchased (or misused) intended exclusively for sports use. Likewise, it accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by the products to the engine or other components of the vehicle which - directly or indirectly - results from adulteration of the original product by the user or by a third party. SWIFTEC, LDA. accepts no responsibility for any use of the product that infringes the current laws of the country in which the product is marketed.

Duty to register (Application/Installation/Certification)

An improvement in vehicle performance through tuning using additional control modules must be recorded in the official documentation of the car. The use of a performance device without a change acceptance procedure officially performed by a certified entity shall result in a complete loss of the vehicle’s certification. Accordingly, SWIFTEC, LDA. provides most of its products with an evaluation of components by an officially recognized agency. When the power box is installed, the customer is aware that the installation involves loss of the national certification of the vehicle model. This means that the vehicle altered in this way cannot be driven on the public highway. The customer must arrange, under their own responsibility and at their own expense, for technical approval by an officially recognized entity.

Vehicle Manufacturer Warranty

The use of performance devices may lead to loss of warranty or loss of warranty obligation by the vehicle manufacturer or the vehicle vendor. The installation of an ON Power box may affect the customer’s warranty rights in respect of the vehicle vendor in relation to the altered vehicle. The customer shall hold SWIFTEC, LDA. harmless in this matter.

Insurance cover

Performance devices for motor vehicles require a new approval for third party and comprehensive car insurance. It is the buyer's duty to ensure that insurance protection needs are met. The seller undertakes to inform purchasers of the possible consequences, as described above, regarding installation or resale.

Engine warranty

The installation of an ON Power box does not include any type of guarantee for any damage that may be caused to the vehicle's engine. Accordingly, the customer shall hold SWIFTEC, LDA. Harmless in this matter.